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Do I have to sign-up for the audiobook through you / this page?


Yes, you need to sign-up for the audiobook through this page, so we can ensure that we can deliver it to you correctly!


How will I get my audiobook?


We are partnering with AudiobooksNow to deliver your audiobook to you. Once you enter your information above, you will receive an email directly from AudiobooksNow to the email address you use above. Upon receipt of the email:

  • Click the “Redeem Gift Now” button in the email

  • Create a free account with your name, email address, and password

  • Your copy of the audiobook will automatically be added to your library. You can instantly download or stream the audiobook from the AudiobookNow website or any of their free apps on all platforms.

Will this work internationally?

Yes! Getting the audiobook is a great way to access the book from nearly anywhere in the world. If you can purchase an audiobook from Amazon/Audible in your country, AudiobooksNow will work in your country. 


What if I already purchased the paperback through your site?


We are so grateful and hope you enjoyed the paperback copy through our site! 


We personally love to both read and listen to a book when really trying to absorb the information. We find different parts hit us differently in the different mediums, and exposing our brain to the information twice helps us absorb it better. So we highly recommend utilizing both.


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